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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-12-31 20:03:46 in reply to Re: My Favorite Rear Weighted Deceiver posted by jbird on 2010-12-31 18:41:51


The fly darts on the pause. You need to give it a pop then a pronounced pause. When the fly pauses the ass end overruns the front end and it darts. You can make a hard long pull and pause or make short quick pulls pausing each time. The best way to learn how to make the fly work is to take it out to a pool or pond that has water clear enough to see what happens. It won't take long to get the hang of it. If it doesn't dart right or left or even one way and then up, you haven't got it rear-weighted enough.

The fly also darts more as it gets closer to the rod tip and I'm not quite sure why that is so. Accordingly, never give up on the retrieve. I get a ton of grabs on the pause very close in.

I've been playing with these flies today using Dave's method of weighting with 1/8 inch solder and I've been able to get them to dart fine but I think I'm over-weighting them. I need to get the solder trimmed to just the right size for the hooks I'm using. Right now I'm tying on 3/0 hooks for use on peacock bass.

I'm tying my flies a little differently than Dave using Baitfish Emulator Flash for the body/collar, like a Sea Habit Deceiver style, with 3-D eyes and epoxy heads. I just like the looks of this version so much. It's a very pretty fly that works. I'll try the chenille version too.


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