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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2010-12-31 19:26:23 in reply to Re: My Favorite Rear Weighted Deceiver posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-12-31 15:10:52


Because LMB live in the most difficult areas to fish with a fly rod ,I have been focused on getting a fly that is TOTALLY weedless.Basically a fly that will not hang up on any type of structure, lily pads,grass or algae mats,etc but will still hook bass with relative consistency.ADDITIONALLY, I wanted a fly that darts around with very little line movement, as often times the strike zone for a trophy bass is fairly small.

What I have learned in messing around, trying to satisfy this design criteria is that you have to have a fly that has absolutely nothing at the front of the fly that can catch vegetation as fine as moss or angel hair.The hook eye almost needs to be completely buried in the head.Knot tag ends need to be clipped tight and the best situation is to goop up the knot before fishing.Trying to achieve the weedlessness that this type of fishing requires is what had me think to slick the materials down somewhat. It just so happened that it assisted the flies action.

I look forward to continuing to explore what is possible with rear weighted flies that can be fished anywhere for all types of fish.It is a cool thing to have as a goal.

I will make the effort to get the camera/photo thing together. I know I need to do it and it is so totally pathetic that my wife and my name is a part of a professional photography business of 29

Cheers chas

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