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Posted by jmac on 2010-12-24 07:31:31 in reply to Re: Tying step by step rear weighted Deceiver posted by Lee Rice on 2010-12-22 10:48:38

I've been playing with rear weighted flies to get random motion since I saw Dave Sellers' SST. I think the rear weighting moves the center of gravity aft of the center of pressure making the fly unstable in pitch. If we can make the fly also at least slightly unstable in roll we can get the fly to drop nose up and roll resulting in a yawing motion between strips. On the strip the line over comes the flys' dynamics and straightens up te fly while before the next strip the fly again falls into an arbitrary attitude resulting in the random motion we often see in wounded bait. We can get the roll instability by using narrow profiles with minimum resistence to rolling. These design objectives are difficult to achieve because of the various buoyancies and stiffnesses incorporated in the materials we use in our flies. These comments are meant to summarize my crude understanding of how we can achieve the kind of motion we see in nature. I hope the conversation continues as we pursue the quest to tie flies that appeal to the fishes pattern matching "logic".

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