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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2010-12-24 01:13:23 in reply to Tying step by step rear weighted Deceiver posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-12-22 10:35:52


I have an option for a weight that you may really like.It is one that I have been using for several years now.

It is called a belly weight and is made by "Lunker City fishing specialty's ".I get them at Fisherman's warehouse in Rancho Cordova. It is used primarily by conventional guys for on the water weight adjustments to their worm hook weighting. I shared them with Dan several years ago.

I will try and get a photo of them and post it for you.They have a wonderful place molded in their shape that lends itself to solid and easy lashing to the hook shank.They also have a grove for the hook shank to fit into. They come in at least 2 sizes 1/16th oz and 1/8th oz and they have fairly soft lead and can be clipped for more accurate weight adjustments.

Will get a photo tomorrow and try and post it.

Cheers Chas

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