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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-12-22 19:10:09 in reply to Re: Tying step by step rear weighted Deceiver posted by henry cowen on 2010-12-22 18:11:01

Now you are putting the pressure on! Seriously, I know you are teasing but ironically, after the effort to post this fly and my sincere comments about it working exceptionally well at times, I am thoroughly in the "jaded" camp when it comes to flies. Adjust size, profile, color, weighted or unweighted and the angler knows everything he or she needs to know. Style of fly or even current "fashion" is all superfluous. But there are times when a certain something is the magic ingredient. It's just another fly but it really does come through at times, and sometimes in a BIG way. The important thing is that the art of fly tying is alive and well and it's a whole lot of fun when little breakthroughs occur. If this fly does give you an noticeable edge at times, I will be completely thrilled! Dave

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