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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-12-22 10:35:52

Here are some tying instruction for a fly that I was tasked to tie for Lake Lanier stripers. I'll tie several more in different sizes but the specifications were for at least one small fly in gray over white with peacock top. This is about as complex a fly as I can dream up for actual fishing purposes..........it needn't be nearly this elaborate.

This is tied on a size 2 targus jig hook and the body tubing is velvet. It's some old stuff I had from Umpqua, I'm not sure if they even sell it any more. Large chenille such as Lion Brand VelvetSpun chenille works as well or better and is easier. In this case I used small chenille to build a little bulk. The weight is from lead eyes which I don't use for Clousers because they break too easily. I have thousands of them from Dan who passed his surplus on to me so I still use them. 1/8 inch lead free solder wire works great too and even cone heads can be used by tying monofiliment off the hook shank, threading the cone heads through, then bending the mono forward and achoring. I'll post a pic of the solder wire and cone head techniques if anyone is interested. Dan has already posted his technique which works great as well. Anyway, I hope someone finds this interesting. Dave

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