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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-11-22 17:32:58 in reply to Re: Here another one! posted by OB on 2010-11-22 13:24:12


Very nice indeed! Great catch! Your are very lucky to have so many good fisheries so close to where you live. Do your best to protect them.

I do know what you mean about hooking tarpon by blind casting to them; and I know that feeling you are talking about very well. There is a lot to be said for the surprise stop, the massive head shake and the blistering run culminated by a massive fish blasting gallons of water skyward as it soars into the air, rattling and shaking.

Sight-fishing is special but I would never scoff at hooking a tarpon by blind casting to them in a river, lagoon or lake.

As you may already know, I took my first tarpon on a fly back in 1973 from Costa Rica's Rio Colorado on a Whistler. The days, weeks and years I spent fishing the Colorado, its lagoons and it's near-shore ocean waters for tarpon are indelibly etched in my memory banks. I've got photos of them 20 feet in the air - fish well over a hundred pounds.


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