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Posted by Jaquelyn Prince on 2010-10-25 16:40:56 in reply to Re: TFO BVK rod review posted by Markus Fipps on 2010-09-06 11:00:02

I am a fly casting instructor and manage the Bass Pro Fly shop in AZ. I am a Sage lover, but when we started selling TFO I was so impressed. I now own their Finesse and a couple of Pro's. We just barely got the BVK's in and I took it out to our casting pond in the back to play. I thought I was impressed by TFO before, but wow. I learned on old fiberglass rods and have never been a great fan of a super stiff rod. I usually like old rods like Sage's LL, RPL, and SLT. This new rod from TFO was so supple, smooth, and powerful at the same time.I had all the line out in no time. Fast, but not a broomstick like some others and I completely agree that the feel is all there and then some. Thank you for the review and the added information on this new rod. I am excited to carry it in my store and take it out for test drives as often as possible!

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