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Posted by Max Garth on 2010-08-30 13:50:33 in reply to Re: Question for Harro - Flatheads posted by Justin Duggan on 2010-08-30 06:33:30

Ok they are Duskys, and they do grow very big like in the Jervis Bay area in Currembine Creek. Like 20 odd pounds, if there are any left these days.
The gear I would use. A few choices. A TalonRA 12' 5/6 weigh DH rod with a 350gn shooting head, 35' clear inter and a monic gsp running line on top of a spool full of 30lb Bionic Braid.
Because I'd probably release a few, I wouldn't use a jig hook, like Clouser, because of the potential palate/eye damage, which is probably fatal.
I would use the DH rod because of the ease of casting, and the distance one can get.
There are many ways of doing things with DH rods, but in very shallow water, like river and estuary flats, with the TalonRA 5/6 12 footer, a long head around 65 feet, a chunk of a DT 6/7# line, about 320gns, allows you to roll cast without any running line problems, or baskets hanging on your hip, and if the leader is about 10/12 feet you get 70 feet per cast every 5 seconds if you want to speed things up.
And that's about the most useful distance on flats and the retrieve is very fast with a lot of fly wiggle, Deceiver, for example, that leaves most flies for dead. Goes about as fast as a lure on a spin rod, and really does wobble.
I don't use SH rods any more, I know its silly but its easy and doesn't upset my arthritis.
For local reef use, not after Flathead,I use a 15 foot Talon Graphite 10/11 rod with a 68' hunk of 12# DT line, 846gns and my Maxum reel full of 30lb BB and monic running line. But I don't get the running line out of the runners more than a foot or so. Roll cast distance is in excess of 80 feet, with a 12' leader and a 20" 20lb tippet.
If you get a head of 40/45 feet of 12#, 650gns or so, you can cast 100 plus feet all day with just one backcast. Pretty easy stuff with a basket.
I don't use boats, because of the flip flop, which is a bit hard on 80 year old legs.
If the flathead is in water from about 15/35 feet it will have both eyes wide open and will see a full 360 degrees up to the surface. But if it's in shallow water its eyelids will be fully open and that will restrict it's overhead view.
In deeper water 15/30 feet the spectrum colours, and flathead see ALL of the spectrum colours, will be degraded because of the red light attenuation. Which will vary with water colour and atmospheric light. White will be blue to Mr Flatty. And viewed against the surface, any fly colour you put in there will be black, like in contrast, to the fish. Not my idea, just basic science.
The best deep water colour is Fluorescent Chartruse. Which will probably go over like a block of lead.

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