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Posted by GES on 2010-06-03 16:07:26 in reply to Re: Fly Fishing With Lefty Kreh and Henry Cowan Last Week posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-06-03 11:23:32

Dan, I have a lifetime buddy; we went to grade school together in New Zealand. He came over here a few months after I did, and ultimately became a Professor of Behavioral Psychology and Pediatrics at the University of Miami. His wife, a Tennessean was also a full professor in the same field. They are perhaps the world's foremost experts on the learning processes of retarted children. They recently retired to a place north of Atlanta, where he and his son had hand built a spectacular two family home.

Last time I visited him about three years ago; maybe two, a friend of his; in the area who has a boat, took us to Lake Lanier; and basically guided us for the day. Yes it's a great piece of water. My buddy wnnt to Atlanta because he has always had connection to the Centers For Disease Control; on account of crack babies and the like. At one point he was considered for director of the place; but he really didn't want to manage anything that big.

As for his Leftness; he can never know how much his teachings, in books and hands on have enriched my life. My work is so mentally intense that my fishing recreation; even though I'm not much good at it; is a very important part of my life; and Lefty has been an inspiration and teacher. He even allowed me to invade his inner privacy; and talk a bit about his WW-II experiences; and none of those guys like to do that; it was so hellish for them; but it is important that we learn their stories and pass them on down so that we never forget what that generation did for this dusty rock. I had to arm wrestle him for a few snippets; but they were much appreciated.

We meet so few Lefty Kreh's in our lives; we have to cherish them all.


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