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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2010-05-16 00:33:43 in reply to Re: WOW !!!! Unreal Charlie's Pole Dancer footage posted by John Sherman on 2010-05-15 00:27:01

John and friends,

Thanks so much for all the support along the way. This project had some serious peaks and valleys. John, you in particular were intramental in helping me keep my eye on the ball. Your enthusiasm for the fly kept the ball rolling during some of the darker times.You are so professional with your repping efforts. I ALWAYS got a call with an update, or status report, when you promissed to call.Amazing integrity and a totally solid work ethic!!!!

I am glad the fly will now be available for whom ever wants to fish it.

I TOTALLY enjoy watching it swim and the anticipation of getting blasted always keeps my attention.I have had so many wonderful experiences watching it get hunted down and crushed with such intensity.It has helped to expose the wildly strange relationship between predator and prey.

I want to publically thank all that field tested for me all over the world.All 23 of you: Capt Jim White, Henry Cowen, Jerry Siem, Jim Christiansen, Capt Mike Costello, Keith Kanecko, John Sherman, Ric Rudgers, Capt Kevin Doran, Capt Grant Hartman, Capt Bob Filger, Bill Schotta, Mikey Wier, Rob Anderson, Doug Muraki, Charlie Gonzales, Matt Havelock, Andy Guibord ,Daver Sellars, Steve Santucci, Jason Hartwig, Mike Baisdon, and Marcus Schroers.

All of you were chosen for your interest in the fly,your great fishing talent, your personal integrity and your honesty about your experience with the fly.

A hearty thanks to all and a special thanks to Stan Pleskunus who is one of the most amazing and capable fellows on two feet.

As time goes on and a folks start fishing the fly please contact me if you need help with any portion of this fly from retrieve, to rods, to lines, to leaders, to knots.

The real rewards for me in an endevor like this is to hear about the good times people have fishing the fly. Henry Cowen shared with me the other day that" The pole dancer has reinvigorated my fly fishing, I can't get enough of it". Coming from a seasoned pro like Henry, that is powerful stuff and is at the heart of my sweet reward.

Have fun with it and "wait to feel the weight"!!!!!!

Cheers Chas

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