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Posted by ray hafsten on 2010-04-16 17:45:49 in reply to Habervision 'Up' Bi-focal Review... posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-04-16 16:57:33


Been a myopic four eyes for over 50 years been a bi at 45 years and tri since concern would be running a boat with them on the top to check instruments would have to tuck chin to see tach etc rather than just a quick eye down...guess could pull them down look over the top for distance...for fishing ok unless they woon't sit tight to the head and slip down on the greasy/sweaty nose...but then I'm just used to the look down...none of my 'script polars are bi or tri since I'm not concerned with boat instruments but just fishing and if I need to retie I just look below the lens and hold close..once you get used to being called four eyes getting to know down bi and tri is easy...I do have one pair of clear top bi only for under car work

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