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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-04-16 16:57:33

There was some discussion on the board awhile back about bifocals. Lots of us need bifocal sunglasses. I know I do.

Many board members related that they had a difficult time walking while wearing bifocals with the lens located at the bottom. The distortion and blurred focus caused them to mis-step and often to mis-judge placing their feet while walking. Some had taken falls.

I believe it was Phil Brna of Haber vision that mentioned ‘Haber’ had produced a new bifocal sunglass with the bifocal located at the top of the lens instead at the bottom (normal position for most bi-focal glasses). The bi-focal lens being located at the top of the lens would eliminate the problem.

I thought, “I need to get me a pair of those to try!” Jani Shoemaker of Haber was kind enough to send me a pair of the Belize up bi-focals to try. At first I thought I wasn't’t going to like them; but after wearing them for a few weeks, under lots of different circumstances, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like them very much – better than the standard down lens bi-focal.

First, most people walk with their head tilted slightly down, hence the problem with down position bi-focals – even the ones set very low and to the inside. You still get some blurred vision when looking down. This is problematic for me too when I want to look at my dash instruments, boat or car. With the up bi-focal, no problem!

Also with the down version, to really see close up comfortably, without having to [roll] your eyeballs down to a point you think they’ll be stuck there forever, you have to position the glasses higher on your nose to look easily through the magnifier. You have to do the same in reverse with the up version but it’s more natural, like wearing pinch-nose glasses and the lens is larger for better viewing. I just push the glasses down on my nose until the bi-focal lens is where I see through best and most comfortably. Tying knots or reading a chart or whatever is too easy. Push them back up to normal when done.

If you have a tendency to roll your eyes up when glancing up while walking or driving, you get some blur – but you instantly correct by lifting your head to look up or even straight ahead – it helps you to walk with better posture, head held high.

Overall, the up bi-focals by Haber are easy to get used to and once you do, I don’t think you’ll go back to the down bi-focal version.

Of course Haber makes both versions: Here are the details:

Belize Polarized Bi-Focal

Outfitted with Haber’s versatile Carbolite™ fixed +2.50 Bi-Focal polarized lenses that can be ordered with the Bi-Focal located in the top or the bottom of the lens. The multi functional Belize Bi-Focal doesn't’t just enhance your appearance, it broadens your optical horizons.

Available in Haber Rose or Brown Polarized Lenses

Fits Medium to Large
Trilon™ virtually unbreakable frame

Carbolite™ polymer lenses have 3-times the impact resistance of glass while weighing less than half the weight. When impacts are possible or unavoidable, this material is what you want to provide perception while protecting your eyes. Provides 100% protection from harmful UVA, B and C radiation. Created by a linking of polymers and carbonates, Carbolite™ is virtually indestructible. This is also the logical choice for any impact

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