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Posted by Greg Mau on 2010-04-02 19:46:18 in reply to Re: OP Report posted by Jeff R. on 2010-04-01 14:58:11

Jeff... I live in California and started traveling to Washington to fish for steelhead around the early 70's. Even back then, Washingtonians disliked people "Californicating" their state. I use to make an annual trip out to the OP back then and would always work a few days to fish the Skagit, the Sauk, the Stilly, the Sky, and/or the Snoqualamie during the C&R season. Around the mid 90's I took a break from steelheading... partly because I grew sour with all the bickering amongst steelheaders about the fishery and partly because of a developing love affair with saltwater flats fishing (BTW... steelheaders convert pretty well to flats fishing). About a half dozen years ago, I met up with Jeff Bright ( at a show who helped rekindle my fire for steelhead fishing. This year I ALMOST hooked up with a guy from the east coast who was putting a group together that is flying in to SeaTac and then chartering a private flight out to the OP. You may wonder why I would consider something like that. Here are my thoughts...

With the internet and the speed of information, there is a "new generation"... a "new breed" of steelhead fly fishers out there. I am intrigued by the hard-hitting quick-gratification internet progeny because steelheading, at least in my experience, has always been of the opposite tone. No matter what one thinks, this new generation has talents and abilities that can do wonders for a fishery if energies are focused in the right direction. While one line of thinking may be to "keep things quiet so that few others will find out" (about a particular gem of a fishing spot) another is that "if no one knows, no one will care". Make the translation to hunting... and if you study what goes on with big game hunting in South Africa, you'll see that the primary reason that there is game is because people care. I'm not talking "care" in the sense of "let things be" but in terms of it being managed as a source of income. In light of the internet and how easily and quickly information is disseminated, it could be argued that the days of keeping things quiet are gone and that continuing to fight that uphill battle would only tend to relegate one to an early armchair retirement of reminiscing about "the way things use to be". If enough people care and do something with it, English Pete's recent catch could (and should) be turned from a single persons' grab for fame into something positive and long lasting for the community out on the OP.

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