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Posted by Greg Mau on 2010-04-01 11:32:17 in reply to Re: OP Report posted by Chris A on 2010-03-30 12:19:38

Chris... People have been writing about the OP for a very very long time. (Glasso being the earliest in my "steelheading era".) I would venture to guess that the vast majority of the crowd there this year is because of the closure of the "S" rivers. The exact same thing happened the last time they were closed. Steelhead fishers "in the know", predicted this right after the closure was announced and sought other options. At some point, a steelhead fishery becomes closer to combat and further from enjoyment. Some guys revel in the competitive game and some, like myself, opt out and look for other things to do. It's sad when ones' "secret spot" is revealed, but feel secure that the OP is far enough out there that most guys will not go back when closer options are available.

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