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I wasn't trying to beat up on him for taking a photo, but rather make sure he knew the law in this state (many don't, especially those from out of state). It hasn't been well-received by anyone, but we've learned to adapt to it. For example, keeping the tip of a pectoral fin in the water while you take the photo keeps you legal. Knowing the law and choosing to ignore it has been causing a lot of problems up here between those of us who have worked to protect steelhead and those who would bonk the last surviving wild OP fish if it meant they could have a good bbq. They've used photos like those as evidence in public hearings with the Dept of Fish & Wildlife to discredit the fly fishing community, who they believe is out to ban everything but catch & release fly fishing for steelhead. If we want to be taken seriously in the fight to protect these fish, we can't pick and choose which laws we want to follow. As someone who's been involved in this campaign, writing letters, testifying at hearings, etc., I would hardly consider this nit-picking or an insignificant fisheries issue. I can see how it might look that way from the vantage point in California where it appears to be insignificant, but the fish-out-of-water law is a hot issue up here in Washington state.

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