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Posted by max garth on 2010-03-14 11:48:11 in reply to Re: 5 weight distance posted by Sakari Siipilehto on 2010-03-13 01:13:41

I'm sort of fed up with this stuff. But???
Essentially it's ALL about fishing and that depends on the platform.
Basically the platform effects the advantage relating to the angler or the fish, and that determines what kind of rod that is necessary. Fast, stiff, slow, long, short whatever.
And definitely NOT all rods are designed to have similar deflection curves, but that tells us whether it's worth using or its junk, doesn't it?
But because there are 11 classes, for 9 footers, which the worlds seems to think are all that exists, between 2# and 12# covering just 300 gns, which give an average of 27gns, the guff associated with fly rods is mostly, you pick a word to describe it,because the classes overlap, and because of the GDE of those rods in those classes' that overlap is ridiculous.To say the least.
And every fishing rod that has ever existed, fly or otherwise, cane/glass or graphite or whatever modulus you can imagine has a GDE, or grain delivery envelope. And that's a fact regardless of who reckons what. No rod ever made has a GDE of 10 gns. Or even 27gns.
If it requires, as you seem to point out, a wonderful heap of scientific, and human endeavour to produce those rods, most of it is wasted because of that ridiculous overlap.
And its not about what you can do, the comfort zone doesn't exist except in minds. Which are confused to say the least.
It's what you can do with the rod in your hand in the fishing exercise. Casting is merely a way of delivering the fly to the fish, and its only necessary because the fly is very light, has no weight, and we use a weighted line to act as a elongated sinker. And each and every fly line in existance is just an elongated sinker. Tell me it isn't??
And the faster you do it the better the result. Which means the less casting the better the fishing.
I have been told by Gurus that I can't cast for nuts and my reply is that I'm interested in catching fish, and casting is merely to deliver a lure to a fish. Actually casting only exists to deliver flies, not give people orgasms.
And it's just my opinion that fly rods are not different from other fishing rods. They have similar jobs. Like catch fish.
Basically you select the weapon suitable for the job in hand and get at it.
Basically, you select the job, and the rod to do that job,
and if you stuff up it isn't the fault of the rod, its your failure to understand the task facing you.
This stuff about fly rods a bit like the stuff about DD reels.
Fly Reel technology has run into a brick wall, and comparing fly reels with the technology associated with other fishing methods is like looking at modern technology and the technology of the 20's. Like the Zane Grey era.
Most fly anglers have funny ideas about the sport. Its like nothing else exists. Fly fishing is from above, and the normal rules about rods etc do not apply.
It is my opinion that the sooner the fly fraternity wake up to the situation that surrounds them, that you do not need hundreds of closely related rods, and funny lines, and of course technology static reel designs, the better off they will be.
But I'm just an idiot so what do I know.
This started about casting DT lines on 5# rods to hell and gone. But technology, and numbers, says that using an 8# rod and 5# line to create wonderful long casts using DT lines is a bit of a cheat really.

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