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Posted by Max Garth on 2010-03-12 21:47:22 in reply to Re: 5 weight distance posted by Sakari Siipilehto on 2010-03-12 12:54:40

I miss spelt the word. Its DEFLECTION testing and it detirmines the the rod bend under load. I don't believe that people wave rods around to detirmine what it is going to be.
Of course they do testing, be crazy not to, but some rods made in China/Korea are as good as the rods made by Sage or anyone else. Take TFO for example.
Americans are not the only rod geniuses around the world there are some very good rods made in Europe. By the way CTS who make a range of DH rods, published a list of their rods and the GDW, grain delivery window, (load range in grains), of those rods and if it applies to DH rods and spin etc rods,it must apply to 9 foot fly rods too.
I've been flogging flies in salt water for 40 odd years and I gave up on anything but shooting heads so far back in time it gone from my memory.
I'll get a 2# line, 30' WF and give it a whirl on my 12#. I don't own a 10# 9 footer. My 12# rods are "light".
But since its 80 gns, I doubt it will even bend it.
You are kidding aren't you.I think I'll give up on this subject, I'm likely to get hysterical. VBG.

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