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Posted by Max Garth on 2010-03-12 12:26:22 in reply to Re: 5 weight distance posted by Sakari Siipilehto on 2010-03-12 09:39:28

Well every fly rod is a tube of graphite these days, and each tube of graphite, will have a GDE, grain delivery envelope. Whether its printed on the rod or not it will have one. And the rod load is determined by delection testing.
And for what it is worth, if the system wasn't standardised it would be in one hell of a mess.

No you do not have to upline, you can flog your arm off false casting a light line to get the thing going fast enough so that the line velocity will effectively load the rod to its optimum load. That's when you let it rip, or should let it rip.
I suggest you go out and purchase a copy of "Flycasting Systems" by the late Bill Nash. Its cheap but valuable.

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