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Posted by Uncle Barry on 2010-03-10 21:35:49 in reply to Re: 5 weight distance posted by Max Garth on 2010-03-10 21:04:04

Good afternoon.
A rather interesting subject with numbers of possible conclusions.

And to me, this is exploring fly fishing and or casting at its finest.

A 5W D/T Floating line completely out of the rod false casting, some facts to consume.

The weight of this complete line is roughly 450 grains, I just measured a new line on my powder scales.

Then what is the allowence for air drag ?

Would the rod then be over loaded, to shoot the line to roughly 135 feet distance ?

A 5W rod capable of casting 450 grains, surely that makes this rod a 13 w rod as 450 grains is roughly a 13w class loading rod ?

BUT as a 5w, this is classed as a 140 grain class rod ?

To extend the over weight concept future,
then a 13W class, 450grain load rod should be able to cast a 1400 grain load and cast roughly 405 feet.

ps, can I watch someone cast a 1400grain load 405 feet, please.
PPS, I know something about single handed Tournament casting with SA T40 lines which are roughly 640 grains and matching rods.

PPS, the 5W Distance class is all about, any selected rod, publicaly avaiable and the same applies to the line. Not some high tech Tournament equipment.

Kind regards

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