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Posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2010-03-09 22:55:13 in reply to Re: 5 weight distance posted by Max Garth on 2010-03-09 20:32:37

All 5 wt. lines are pretty much the same, the first 30' weigh from 134 to 146 grains, and we don't have to resort to "good feelings" or "bad feelings" to identify them.

Are all "5 wt." rods pretty much the same? Apparently not. I used my DT line, 197 grains in the first 30', again today and it "felt good" to me, casted effectively for me, and caught fish. I have witnesses.
Other anglers maintain that a 7/8 wt. line on a 5 wt. rod "feels terrible" and presumably doesn't perform in a satisfactory manner. Subjective feelings don't seem to provide much consistent, useful information describing the attributes of a fly rod. Could there be more useful, objective measurements of a rod's attributes? I think so.

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