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Posted by max garth on 2010-03-09 02:34:32 in reply to Re: 5 weight distance posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2010-03-08 12:26:41

I merely asked a question relating to 5# rod classifications, and about the "casting" of full 5# DT lines, basically all of it airborne. Like the whole 85 feet of the thing.
Doing some numbers comes up with a 5# DT line weighing around 390gns, and if it's all airborne that's 390gns on the tip. Like 12#. But of course since it's been false cast so the real load is god alone knows what.
Phil.. I would expect a 5# rod to be able to cast a 8# line, 30' WF and some runner, but a DT 8# would weight about 630gns all up, and average about 7.5gns/foot for 85 feet.
My point is that this kind of thing, published on web sites must give some fly anglers food for serious thought on the reality of fly rods generally. Why the hell would you need to have 5/6/7/8's if the things will will cast anything from 5# to 12#. Proven by the competition casters doing 5# distance events.
Morsie.... Max didn't get into it, it got into Max, like my head and the facts???? about fly rods.
Maybe fly rods have a lot more GDE than we are led to believe. ie will handle bigger loads.

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