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Posted by Marty Seldon on 2010-02-02 12:29:23 in reply to Len Bearden's death posted by Michael McNutt on 2010-02-01 11:24:55

It is great to see old friends on the Board. Its too soon for a formal obituary or a memorial. Mike will let us know when he hears.

Len Beardon was a giant of a man in many ways. He had a successful construction business and many of us spent quality time with him in his Los Gatos Mill Pond Fly Shop. Some were able to build their future careers. I once watched Lefty Kreh and Steve Rajeff casting out back in the narrow lot and grasping each other's arms to compare casting strokes. Fred Houwink always hassled Len in a friendly manner, as did his fantastic wife Sandra, by telling him to be a little less formal and smile more.

Len was one of the very early practitioners of fish finders on float tubes at the O'Neil Forebay and I remember him paddling over several times to tell me where the fish were cruising. Len was always a world-class angler. In 1981, we were all in West Yellowstone for the ground breaking of the FFF International Fly Fishing Center. I remember him fishing with Charlie Fox. Len and Sandra stayed at the same cabins where President and Roselyn Carter were and I remember him reporting back after they fished with Charlie that that they were both very good fly fishers, separate from their political questionability.

It was great night to renew our friendship last April 11th in Duncan Mills with the gang at Frank Bertaina's Russian River Wild Steelhead Memorial (See photo: Len, I, and Hal Janssen). It was evident that Len had undergone the ravages of his continuing to smoke lip cancer, but at the time, they felt they got it all. Sadly, it was not the case for this gentleman's gentleman and we sadly mourn the loss.

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