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Posted by Captain Terry Duffield on 2010-01-09 14:15:40 in reply to 11' Sturgeon over 1000lbs posted by Mike Lewis on 2010-01-08 20:26:36

My dad and me chased big sturgeon at Bonneville one summer for fun. We'd catch some shad flyfishing and then cut one in half, and circle hook it. We landed fish in a one month period from 20 inches to one truly massive fish. We landed a 9 footer one day that actually rolled on the surface before it took our Woolridge jetsled for a "sleigh ride". In fact in mid July you can see them roll and jump believe it or not in Bonneville. Its un-nerving to see an 8 foot sturgeon leave the water and splash right next to your sled! 45 minutes later we landed our 9 foot pig, and released it. I have NO desire to ever do that again in any way ever. It was like reeling in a bus. We'd get it all the way to the boat and then it would decide it wanted to head to the bottom of the Columbia again and we'd start all over as it towed us down the river. We did that 5 or 6 times. LOL But anytime you get to do something like that with your dad it's a great great day to remember forever. There are actually guys who target and hunt sturgeon in the lower stretches of about every Puget Sound River and they do pretty well some of them. Years back Captain Keith Robbins hooked and released one flyfishing in the Puget Sound. Actually a pretty big one. It was floating around in deep ocean water and he sighted it, cast to it with a flyrod and it took the dang fly! He'd have to tell the story. Growing up in Washington state, sturgeon fishing was something we all messed around with, some more serious than others. They are an amazing fish worth learning about. True dinosaurs. Coach

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