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Posted by Jeroen on 2009-09-29 00:37:01 in reply to Re: Wire Haired Pointing Griffon posted by T-Bro on 2009-09-28 13:05:46

Beautiful puppy T-Bro. As Dan explained, the socializing bit is paramount. If you invest in that and expose him to children (schoolyard), other dogs and the noise of daily traffic, you will get a dog who is very easy going. Pointers are very prone to their own people, so they need some encouragement to socialize, otherwise they can get a bit reserved.
With an upcoming litter of Bracco Italiano (short haired Italian Pointers and reputedly the oldest hunting dog breed in the world with an ancestry in mastiff and greyhound type dogs) we'll be having a lot of people over. The earlier you start with the inprint, the better it is.
As soon as the puppies are able to take a few steps outside, my girl friend will be taking them to the mall, on the bus and to the school yard. But even with all that socializing a young puppy can suddenly become scared of a certain sound of movement. Often this goes away again after a while. if you take them to a lot of different and new places, you'll see that all these new impressions will tire the dog out after a while. But a young dog has tonnes of energy. Much more than most of us.
Best of luck with the upbringing. It is always a challenge, but it is fun.


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