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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-09-27 12:07:51 in reply to Wire Haired Pointing Griffon posted by T-Bro on 2009-09-27 09:04:46


What a doll! She almost looks like Fisher when he was around that age.

As you may know, the Spinone is one of the oldest hunting breeds in Europe, going back to the Roman Empire days. From what I've read, The German Wire Haired Pointer, the Wired Haired Griffon and even the German Shot Hair pointer, all stem from the Spinone. It's not doubt why they seem to have the same temperament - smart but stubborn and need a real reason to do something - sometimes.

The difference in behavior from 10 months to 19 months is profound. Fisher is much more obedient and calm now than 9 months ago. He was a dog devil from 6 months till now; and he relapses now and then.

I wish I could get him to like the water more, but he just doesn't dig it. I need to work more on that. I don't hunt but I would still like him to know how to swim well and to like the water better. He loves romping in the sprinkler though.

Here's some more proud poppa photos of Fisher - Hope I'm not boring anyone with dog photos.


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