Wire Haired Pointing Griffon

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Posted by T-Bro on 2009-09-27 09:04:46 in reply to Re: Don't let this innocent looking face fool you... posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-09-25 22:30:24


Freida is a 10 month old wirehaired pointing griffon and is a much different dog from our previous dog, a black lab. She is very smart, but also naughty. She spent two months at boot camp this summer, but we are still working to make her a good hunting dog. Curiously, while my lab preferred upland hunting to waterfowling, this pointer seems to relish in the duck retrieving more than than the stylish pointing I thought she would prefer.

She is very sweet and I took her for a float trip on the Colorado this summer to make sure that she knew how to swim. She had no problem and also learned to uncover decaying whitefish and roll in the carcass. Not so fun to snuggle with a "fishy" dog.

Spinones are great dogs and very similar in temperment to Griffs, just a little larger. HAve fun with Fisher.


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