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Posted by JerryInLodi on 2009-09-24 19:27:07 in reply to Delta Today - Very Interesting... posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-09-23 00:23:52

Dan, that rock is actually exposed at low, low tide and sticks up as much as a foot. I put about five blips on my GPS around it on my GPS. That's a $5,000 rock for me, it destroyed my lower unit. What's sad is that I knew the rock was there but miscounted when I picked the pass to go through. Sad or stupid, I now have a rock named after me! The best part of the deal.

Here's something interesting. I hit the rock when it was about an inch above water on a day where there was the slightest ripple on the water, not hard enough to show a shoal. I hit it during accelleration, thinking I had passed the hazard, somewhere between 12 and 20 mph. My boat, transom buried, jumped three to four feet in the air and my passanger, Roger Hall, and I were thrown forward about three feet. My prop was badly mangled, my skeg missing and my prop shaft bent about an inch off center. However the Triumph did not take on any water and the hull was not breached. My passanger, Roger, a veteran boater was amazed.

I pulled the boat out to do some work on the transducers about a month later. I looked carefully to see if there was any damage. The only thing I could find was a very slight surface scratch in the bottom paint,about four feet long, with a small indent into the hull surface, less than 1/32nd of an inch.

Triumph hulls are EVERYTHING they say about being indestructible. Your recent experience proves it.

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