The missing hook incident

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Posted by John L on 2009-09-24 18:18:02 in reply to Don't let this innocent looking face fool you... posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-09-24 17:10:43

I tie as I watch the tube in the evening on a laptop table. I brought up a fresh box of hooks from the basement to tie with that night. I used a few and decided to tie a few the next box of hooks. Thinking I had probably put them away I retrieved another box, tied a few and decided to tie a few more the next box of hooks. I am losing my mind me thinks. Well..I retrieved another box and continued to tie and this went on for two weeks or so. Always another box of hooks to open every evening. I have lost my mind. On Saturday morning I decided to wash my black labs' bed. I picked up the bed and low and behold...11 boxes of hooks out of the box but in very neat piles. I could not find the boxes but put the hooks in plstic bags and case closed. Poco was very perturbed at me for taking her stuff..but she got over it after a treat. I still don't know why she liked those boxes and she never hooked herself. Hmmmm?

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