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Posted by KD on 2009-09-23 12:58:35 in reply to Delta Today - Very Interesting... posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-09-23 00:23:52

Good work Dan. Glad you were there and no one was seriously hurt...i hope they thanked you profusely! Your quick call to action payed off big time for them.

There are tons of these things around the Delta. The chain islands on the SJ and elsewhere have "saddles" between them. Some are cut and others not. One has a nice little rock pile that you would swear someone put there just to create havoc. Just a guess to where they got in trouble. Always idle very slowly through these saddles until you become familiar with the bottom contours at all tide phases. Most of these rocks piles are well documented on just about any someone wasn't paying attention!

I am a big proponent of learning to navigate the Delta by using a paper map/chart. Somewhat old school now i guess. A fish finder is probably more important as a navigation aid in the Delta as it is a tool to find fish. Studying the water depths and contours will not only help keep one from running aground but will serve to find places that should and can hold fish.

A gps is a great tool but as they say, do not rely solely on it for navigation. By using a large chart you get a real sense of where you are and become more aware of visual landmarks and reference points that will be more intuitive. Running around staring at a gps screen is not the best way to become familiar with your surroundings.

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