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Posted by Ali M on 2009-07-23 17:27:03 in reply to Re: Pink fly posted by Grant Hartman on 2009-07-22 15:18:18

When I was in PV a couple of years ago, I booked a trip with a firm that claimed to have all kinds of fly fishing expertise and based on the FF jargon they had on their site, I had no reason to doubt them. The first warning bells went off that morning when I arrived 15 minutes early and found my captain looking for a mate who knew anything about fly fishing because apparently he did not. I felt duped but too late to cancel the trip now right? I mean, how hard is it to take a guy out to busting fish and let him cast his flyrod? Apparently too hard for this dynamic duo because the first thing the mate did, who claimed to be an expert on fly fishing, was ask me to show him my box of flies and then take the biggest fly I had and tie it off to 130# test line on a 5' meat stick and Penn 114h Senator and proceed to troll for fish with it. I complained and said I wanted to fly fish and his reply was "Si senior, we fish the fly." They trolled all day, despite my protest, then took a 15 minute siesta where they let me take control of the boat and I ran it back to an area where I saw diving birds. I managed to salvage the last few hours of my day by catching skipjacks, ladyfish, and a few jacks. I told them next time I'd like to just rent the boat and leave you guys at the dock.

So I feel the same way you guys do about trolling and lazy captains. If the angler wants to cast to fish, it is the captain's job to make sure he/she gets the chance to do so or at least put an earnest attempt in getting the angler that opportunity. I didn't feel that was the case for me until I became my own captain.

I have trolled the fly up here for albacore with limited success (1 fish). But when the bite is hot, why not take advantage of the situation and cats to them.


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