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Posted by Steve Cali on 2009-07-23 15:36:52 in reply to Re: Pink fly posted by Pam Bolles on 2009-07-23 09:39:11


I'll insert foot in mouth here...

For what it's worth, In all my years of spending many many days (months) in baja each year and fishing with my good friend Grant we have never, never have had to troll the fly to find fish in any situation. This is where good captains come into play. They know the tricks, as do all of Grant's captains, of how to find fish and keep you casting not trolling. I wish Grant would write a book on this subject as he has it nailed!

I don't assume the Captain's are lazy but I do assume they really do not know all the techniques of how to bring fish to the fly caster and keep him fly fishing except for chum and trolling...and with that said, I personally do not think trolling the fly is a Technique but when panga captain's go this route I do think they are lazy unless instructed to do so...but why would you instruct a captain to do this if he knew what he was doing...???

That's my take and addition to Grant's above post...

Pam, good luck with your do do season and I wish you the best with your clients and captains.

Steve Cali

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