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Posted by Tim Postel on 2009-07-23 11:19:24 in reply to Re: I cant get my brain around it... posted by Dave Sellers on 2009-07-23 08:48:04

Hi Dave,

No need for you to feel personally attacked - the sentiments you expressed are not uncommon.

i guess what i was responding to was Jay's mention of the perception of fly anglers from outside their "community" by others - anglers and non-anglers alike. What others observe, in contexts where they expect to hear a congratulatory "Hearty well done!", is instead "You didn't do it the proper way!", or "Yes, but my way is more difficult and elegant!"

Rules apply to competitions, and of course, civil order; but for many, angling is an escape from the regulations, pressures and competitiveness which otherwise fills their lives. They do it simply because it is fun.

For them to hear someone exclaim, "You've cheated me and cheapened my experience by misrepresenting your tactics!", it is quite natural for them to experience profound surprise: "Wait a minute, I wasn't competing with you - I just went out fishing!"

To draw an analogy: cycling is clearly a sport; on the other hand, if i reported to my mates that "i rode my bicycle over to the market to get some milk, and had a pleasant time", then i should be surprised if they asked me for my elapsed time, whether i had returned with quarts or gallons, or if they dressed me down for having found out later that i grabbed the bumper of a passing truck whilst on my way. ( Or for them to tell me i should have purchased Soy milk instead, but that's an analogy for another time - *grin* )

If i had willingly been competing in a race, well then, fair enough.

It was apparent from the lead off post and the initial replies that Carl and Steve knew exactly what they were doing, reported it, and were likely also aware of the existence and relative level of difficulty of other approaches. And yet they still received from the galley some helpful sermonizing on what constitutes "real fly fishing" and what does not.



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