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Posted by Pam Bolles on 2009-07-23 09:39:11 in reply to Re: Pink fly posted by Grant Hartman on 2009-07-22 15:18:18

on the comments on creating "lazy panga captains" and them taking the "easy way out"...
well a huge part of this entire situation is communication.

communicate with your chartermaster (or mistress in my case) on EXACTLY what you want. if you don't want to troll under any circumstances and are dead set against it then TELL THEM (or me if its me)! if you don't tell me then the captain pretty much assume you want to cast as you are fly fishing but when conditions become a challenge he may wish to troll. there are many reasons for this that I will not get into right now and that will require a book to explain (it is working) but please do not assume that the captains are lazy or just wanting to be lazy.

when I as a chartermasterperson know EXACTLY what you want then I will assign the right guy for your particular job. when bookings fill up we obviously have to add on guys and it seems every year people wanna come and fish the exact same dates so we do our best... if i have loads of guys some fly fishing others fishing conventional then I know what captain I will assign to which fishermen but then exactly who goes with who takes some fine tuning...and that's the kind of fine tuning I can do to perfection when I have all the information to work with. so say Carl wants to come down and doesn't mind trolling I can pair him up with a guy that will do that but not out of laziness, out of making the most of the hunt. under different conditions different techniques will work, they simply want to see you hooking up which is why they take various techniques (such as trolling) out of their sleeves. of course if you have a favorite captain i will make sure you always fish with him. just to clear things up Carl did not fish with my outfit he was in Loreto for about three weeks and recently departed for the USA.

i really don't give a crap how you fish as long as you have a great time that's all that counts.

well we got another weather delay issue today so i gotta run..

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