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Posted by jbird on 2009-07-22 19:44:54 in reply to Re: Pink fly posted by Dave Sellers on 2009-07-22 18:45:24

I say this with the utmost respect to Dave, Dan and Grant as I know that you guys have forgotten more about saltwater flyfishing than I will ever know.

"One of the happiest anglers I have ever seen was a young British guy in Loreto who caught his first sail on a trolled fly, he said up front when he came back to the hotel that he trolled the fly to catch the fish. He didn't care, so no one else did and it was high fives all around. If he had come back bragging about catching his first sail on a fly and later others heard he caught the fish trolling, he would have made an ass out of himself.........thankfully he was way too cool for that."

This point of view really kind of belittles everything less than casting a fly with a flyrod to a fish. I AM an avid flyfisherman and I am on the water a LOT. I have been fly fishing and tying for over 20 years now. I know a lot of guys who fly fish and a lot of guys who gear fish. Some of the greatest anglers I know are gear fisherman and I am proud to fish with them. My observation is that many gear guys detest flyfisherman for the above reason. They feel that we think we're better than them. Many fly anglers think they have "arrived" and look down their noses at other methods....even within flyfishing perameters. Man I just dont fit this profile at all. I HONESTLY cant wrap my brain around why it matters. If you are angling within the law and having fun catching fish, you dont have to explain anything.

If I were in the room where the last sentence of Daves post unfolded, Id be sitting there dumbfounded wondering, what just happened here? Were we in a contest or something I wasnt aware of? Why is it wrong that he didnt say he was trolling? He caught the fish, he had fun, lets celebrate man!
What if the poor guy didnt know that trolling was frowned on by some. So he didnt mention it, then he gets mud in his eye that night at the bar and loses any credibility not to mention going from feeling on top of the world to the town idiot.

I dont know...the way someone else caught a fish doesnt matter at all to me I guess. Its not a contest for me.

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