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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2009-07-22 18:45:24 in reply to Re: Pink fly posted by Grant Hartman on 2009-07-22 15:37:47

To bring it back to the most interesting point (in my opinion) regarding trolled fly vs. cast fly, I agree with Dan completely and think that if the fly is trolled and catches a fish, the angler is obliged to indicate that when telling the story. It can be considerably more difficult to catch a fish "fair" with a fly cast and if one does it only to hear another angler telling tales of many fish caught on the fly but leaving out that they were trolled up, then the angler who caught the fish using casting skills should rightly feel a little resentment. However if the trolling angler says up front that they were caught on the troll, the casting angler has no gripe. You can catch a fish any way you want, the only rule, if you can call it that, is to not diminish the achievement of the caster by implying that trolling up fish with a fly is fly casting, it's not, it's trolling with a fly rod and should never be represented otherwise.

One of the happiest anglers I have ever seen was a young British guy in Loreto who caught his first sail on a trolled fly, he said up front when he came back to the hotel that he trolled the fly to catch the fish. He didn't care, so no one else did and it was high fives all around. If he had come back bragging about catching his first sail on a fly and later others heard he caught the fish trolling, he would have made an ass out of himself.........thankfully he was way too cool for that.


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