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Posted by Grant Hartman on 2009-07-22 15:18:18 in reply to Re: Pink fly posted by Carl Blackledge on 2009-07-22 10:42:09

Hi Carl,

I loved the reports, the enthusiasm (especially the enthusiasm), and all the great pictures. Absolutely amazing stuff, and I was always looking forward to your next report. I really didn't want to present a negative tone on your trip.

Having said that, I do want to follow up. I was not talking IGFA or tournaments.

I never said all the fish were caught trolling, I know thats not the case. Its just that fly fishing is casting a fly. That defines fly fishing. I have heard a ton of arguments over the years and they all fall short of convincing anyone that just having fun and catching fish while trolling the fly is fly fishing. I dont care if you use 50# tippet or 3' of shock leader, or even if the boat is still in gear and slightly moving forward, but when you choose to troll the fly and not cast the fly, it is not fly fishing.

I know I am a pain, and maybe even a bit stuffy on this issue, but I feel strongly that "casting the fly" is one the defining issues with our sport.

I also know that many Baja panga captains feel that trolling a fly is an except-able way to fly fish. I feel its the easy way out and basically creates lazy captains. Why work harder if all's you have to do to catch fish is troll the fly.

When did fly fisherman start doing things the easy way just to catch fish?

We chose to fly fish because its the challenging way to fish.

When we started fly fishing its becasuse we found something lacking in the way we were fishing at the time. We chose fly fishing because it stimulated us. The more we fly fished, the more we grew, adapted and evolved. After time, bait fisherman became Neanderthals with backward thoughts.

Its incredibly rewarding experience when fishing for selective trout on a gin clear spring creek. I mean sneaking up on your hands and knees and being frustrated that the fish has ignored all your perfectly presented hand tied offerings, and then finally getting the right fly on that fools that finicky bugger, or fishing for weeks on end for one strike with an elusive steelhead, and not catching anything else, but still having a great trip, or casting flies to picky and spooky permit and overjoyed if you get one fish in a week to eat your fly. Some guys go years without their tarpon on a fly. I can go on and on and on...

You know as well as I that being a fly fisherman is a long frustrating and difficult journey to say the least, and fly fishing is about as difficult an endeavor to master than you will find in your life.

We had to learn the incredibly difficult task of casting a flyrod, just to get the fly to the fish. We learned to tie leaders that would turn the fly over in the wind, we learned to tie complicated knots that would have surgeons in tears, we learned to tie flies with hair and feathers and be proud of our imaginative creations when we caught fish with them, and we had to learn and find new techniques to catch those fish in distant waters on a fly. We had to learn, learn, and learn....

We kept casting those rods and tying those flies even late at night even when our wife's complained "is that all you think about" and we refused to go to bed until we had the right fly in our hands, we even kept on going though our eye's strained and our backs hurt.

We figured out how to catch fish with our imaginations, and then put those imaginations to work for us on the water.

When you go the easy way to catch fish with a fly, it cheapens the sport and the other fish people have caught while truly fly fishing, including all the greats of years past. If you choose to fly fish, and have been down the long hard path to enlightenment, why would you go the easy way and troll the fly? I just dont understand it.

I doubt we will ever see eye to eye on this, but that doesn't mean we cant see eye to eye on other issues.

On the other hand, I may be just full of crap and none if this really matters. If someone is happy with life and they are having a good time, who in hell has the right to tell them they are on the wrong path.

Again I truly believe its about having fun, and it sounded like you had plenty of that

Thank you for sharing your great trip,


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