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Posted by mike metzman on 2009-07-22 12:18:29 in reply to Pink fly posted by Grant Hartman on 2009-07-22 06:43:20

I think the main point which you spoke of is that " I think folks should have fun." As you mentioned it is a touchy subject. If you feel the line has to be drawn somewhere then one could also argue that using a boat and a teaser to attract a fish and pulling the teaser away, throwing the boat in nuetral and casting (while the boat is still moving, but "in nuetral") to hook a fish is not really fly fishing either as compared to catching a steelhead on a swung fly or trout on a dry or stalking bones on a flat etc.

I acknowledge that according to many having a boat in neutral and making a cast to a fish is considered fly fishing but I guess what I am trying to say is that the definition of fly fishing is contrived and the line can be moved around and the main point is for people to get outside, have a good time doing what they like to do while fishing- whether that be trolling for fish or teasing them or dry fly fishing for trout.

As you said it is a touchy subject and I am not intending to stir things up. I think we both agree the main point is to have fun with whatever ethical methods are used.


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