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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2009-07-21 16:06:40

Hey Gang,

I just returned from my 3-week trip to Loreto, Mexico, where I was fly fishing for large Dorado, Sailfish and Marlin. I always stay at the gorgeous Oasis Hotel right on the beach in Loreto.

The fishing this year was a lot different from last year but still fabulous. Last year was the year of the Dorado. This year we still had lots of large Dorado, but the Sailfish were everywhere along with the Marlin. Lots of first timers to Loreto caught their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th Sailfish this year. Some of the highlights for me personally were not only catching a large Dorado of 44 pounds on a cast Tube Crease fly, and jumping at least 3 dozen Sailfish and landing about half that many, plus one Marlin. It was a blast to watch
all my roommates and fishing friends catching large Dorado, and most caught their first Sailfish ever on flies. I think every person in the group caught a Sailfish on a cast Crease fly (guys and gals).

The weather was very strange. It seemed every Monday we had a rain and wind storm, and one Monday we had a lightning and thunder storm that was the strongest, most powerful storm I have seen in 40 years. Even so, the next morning by 7:00 a.m. the sea was flat and calm and we hooked 9 sailfish and lots of Dorado!

If you could find any Sargasso you were pretty well assured to catch lots of Dorado with top water flies like the Tube Crease flies. If we couldn't find any Sargasso, fish jumping, or birds diving we trolled the Pink Chicken locator flies until we brought a large pod of Dorado up, then we had the pod to ourselves. At that point we caught Dorado until we were tired of them and went looking for Sailfish.

This year for the most part I had all new room mates and friends fishing with me. I think every person in our group caught and landed at least 3 Sailfish, with most landing at least a dozen plus a few Marlin thrown in (and of course large Dorado every day). We only fished for Skip Jacks one day after a storm and also caught some large Jack Cravelle that same day. In Loreto, as a rule, we don't waste our time fishing for the lesser species when there are so many big trophy fish that swim these waters.

The hottest flies for wild top water action are the Crease flies, either the fixed hook or the Tube flies. The best underwater flies are still the basic Sardina patterns in dark olive and white, or tan and white. The fly that was the biggest key to all happiness was the big PINK CHICKEN or his brother the BLUE AND WHITE CHICKEN. When nothing is showing, just troll that fly around and in no time you're into the action! The coolest thing is hooking an unseen Dorado and bringing him to the boat and all of a sudden, he has about 50 of his brothers and sisters with him. At that point you hand the rod with the trolled fish off to the guide and grab the Crease fly rods and enjoy the wild top water action only Dorado can provide.

My favorite setups this year for fly rods, lines and reels were the 12 wt. XI2 Sage rods, one rod with the new Cortland clear floating line hooked to the Tube Crease fly, and another 12 wt. Sage rod with a RIO 500-grain deep sea sink tip with the Sardina fly hooked to it. And the 3rd rod was a Sage 14 wt. with the RIO 30-foot tuna line in 500 grains hooked to RIO 50-pound running line. All my reels are Abel Super 12 with 500 yards of Power Pro. All of these setups worked like a well-oiled machine. While I was there, I did get to test and play with Sea Level Fly Fishing Adventures' new products. Their new reels and their awesome fly rods are pretty cool stuff. And by the way, if you need to purchase any products I use including flies, Ray at Sea Level has everything in stock. Check them out on his website.

My trip was arranged and perfectly executed, as always, by Fishabout.com. They have been booking dream fishing trips just about anywhere in the world for the past 25 years. No complaints on this end! The Oasis Hotel threw a party for the Founder’s birthday while we were there with all the food you could eat free, and I mean real food like lobsters, steaks platters of giant shrimp, and, get this, a free open bar. Have any of you ever stayed at a place as gracious as that? And remember, NO place in Mexico sells you a cheaper package deal than the Oasis Hotel and Fishabout.com combination plan.

Mexico is the greatest place to fish that I know of for such a bargain price. If anybody is ever interested in information on these trips either contact Fishabout.com or drop me an email carlblackiedge@aol.com
One happy camper Carl Blackledge

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