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Posted by jbird on 2009-06-22 19:26:40 in reply to It's your "chakra" posted by David Dempsey on 2009-06-22 15:39:10

I was always under the impression that the "trigger" for WD-40 was the oily rainbow that streamed off it in the water. Not the smell.
I keep live corals in a saltwater aquarium, A super delicate environment. I have to be mindful of ANHYTHING I have had my hands in before puting them in the tank. You can instantly see the corals react if something is out of whack, whereas the fish can tolerate just about anything. However, the accepted products for reef building and adhering coral "frags" to the reef is super glue gel and 2 part epoxy. You would think these products would wreak havok on such delicate organisms, but you can use gobs upon gobs of the stuff without ill effect.
Just a non-related example of "what do we really know what an ecosystem can and cant handle"

Now as far as rod/reel ballance. I like my stuff to be ballanced within reason but its not my deciding factor in putting my gear together. I know in the spey world, youre dealing with a very long rod which probably demands more attention to ballance.

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