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Posted by Serge on 2009-06-12 23:04:43 in reply to My Boat Sank...Heartbreak posted by Michael Rosa on 2009-06-12 15:56:13

When I came back from fishing for baby poons, that were gulping worms (yes, it sank the day of the worm hatch, new moon and high coef. tides), your boat was still afloat.
We saw it sunken on the morning before you woke up (~6:30). I felt really bad, so bad I did not want to wake you up.

We tried to retrieve your stuff in the canal with Ron but we could not find anything but junk in the canal.

I am back to "Venture out" as I type. I got my bonefish before getting here (from the kayak). Need a permit and a tarpon to complete my slam.

Sure, a kayak works flawlessly (as long as you can provide the power to move it), but today, I was distracted by a phone call and I untied the kayak first, did not take it off the car immediately. So, it was loose, I opened the trunk's door and that did the trick to push up the yak that tipped down and scratched the hood and a little bit the windshield. Little detail: Brand new car by the way.

Must be Murphy's law, since my girlfriend's grandma scratched the rear and bumper last week of it while backing up her lexus (which did not have a scratch).

At least I keep car body shops employed.
But, I thought about what happened to you and told myself, that if can't be that bad... and the bonefish was a bonus... but did not need the yak to catch it, since they were tailing right at the launch. Oh well...

Take it easy Michael. Your luck was pretty good at the PT IX's drawing. ;-)

CHEERS old friend.

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