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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-01-03 15:18:29 in reply to Re: 200 MPH to Instant Stop... posted by mschoder on 2009-01-02 20:46:13

This hook could have easily been removed without a bit of pain or strain using the "loop jerk" hook removal system. I've performed it countless times and it really works well.

You can't use the system for pieced ears though. But the hook that went clean through Mike's earlobe was easy to remove after the barb was pinched down. The one I took in the ear last year, I just yanked out and keep on guiding.

I think everyone should be familiar with the loop jerk method of removing a hook. There's info in the archives somewhere and I know there is a web page that details the technique.

Here is a diagram on how it's done but when you jerk - JERK! I use a stainless ring with a lanyard attached for this procedure and keep it in my first aid kit.

Here is the URL to a page with the details


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