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Posted by David Lee on 2009-01-02 18:44:08 in reply to 200 MPH to Instant Stop... posted by Dan Blanton on 2009-01-02 17:33:49

On the beach in Baja a few weeks ago ....

I managed to make a boo-boo while casting a 4/0 Bucktail Deceiver on a TFO 12X12 (want line speed ?? You got it !) - The fly smacked my arse so hard it curled my toes .

While the fly didn't stick , Candida found a brace of very nice vampire marks (her description , not mine) that welted into livid-Purple bullseyes after a few days .

I spent the rest of my vacation sitting on one cheek , slightly off-center . Better than losing an eye/tooth/lip/etc. .......

This fly fishing stuff is getting to be a dangerous hobby .


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