Kiss of Death Fly

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Posted by Phil Brna on 2008-11-29 19:37:30

It is snowing hard here in Anchorage so I decided to sit down and tie a fly I have been working on for a couple of years, photograph and post it. I originally called this the Tarpon Candy, but I made some modifications including the EZ-body (which makes it hold up lots longer). Placencia, Belize guide and friend Bruce Leslie took one look and said "that thing will be the Kiss of Death." I have caught tarpon, bonefish, jacks, snappers, bonito, Spanish mackeral, and king mackeral on it in Belize, and king salmon, steelhead, rainbows, and coho on a chartruse version here in Alaska. This is tied on a Gamakatsu SC-15, using mono thread, different colors of DNA holofusion, UV minnow belly, saltwater flashabou, ez-body, 3-D silver eyes, and it is finished with a thin coat of Tuffleye followed by Sally Hansens hard-as-nails. (Lets hope the pics work).

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