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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2008-11-27 12:17:14 in reply to Re: My Hot Delta Fly last Week posted by Dan Blanton on 2008-11-27 01:05:29


The backing patch can be cut in either direction but I like to cut it along the longest length.
After tieing it on the shank I smear a liberal amount of goop on the shank over the weight and thread wraps.
I then wrap the seal fiber strip very loosely forward. When I am where I want to tie off, I pinch the strip with my finger to the hook shank and pull pretty hard,elongating the backing patch.
This provides a fraction of the bulk of the original strip for tieing off.I then work the goop into the backing of the seal fur already tied on the hook shank with my fingers.
The body does not become secure until the goop has cured.This portion of the fly holds up much better than all other parts after multiple fish.

Cheers Chas

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