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Posted by Jeff Smith on 2008-10-16 07:39:24

Thought this board might like to see what's going on on the other end of the map.
My good pal Jeffrey Cardenas of Key West fame came back to fish with me for a few days. We had two stellar days of weather with very little boat traffic and hungry fish on top. The first day we just could not buy a bite even tho our offerings were right on target. As the action died, so did our optimism that we might get another opportunity that day. Towards the end of the day we found a small group loping along and Jeffrey double hauls a cast right in front of them. A fish made a big boil on a swing and a miss then came back and engulfed the fly. We were tight for about 5 minutes before the leader parted for no apparent reason. That was tough to swallow.
The next morning we were out before sunup full of optimism and hope but could not find the fish. The birds were there but the fish were not showing. The full moon was going to prove her theory correct it appeard but as we entered the bottom of the 9th inning, bases loaded and two outs we found some good activity and got tight fairly quick. At 10 minutes into the battle with aggressive action to get line back on the reel the hook pulls...*UUGH*...We just cannot catch a break it seems. Jeffrey and I say nothing to each other and just keep our composure and get back on the school of fish....Within a couple casts a nice fish tail slaps as he feels the hook and an eruption of water blows up in the air as the Tibor Pacific starts screaming....I swing the boat around in the direction of the fish and we are tight again....After a great battle, Jeffrey has landed his first Cape Cod bluefin on the flyrod. Fish tapes at 61". ....
Fishing with Jeffrey is always an enjoyable experience and I always come away with something new that I have learned from him. I think the biggest thing he taught me this trip was this quote..."Attack the problem with a scalpel and not a machette". What this means to me is sometimes you can't always have the big bite and you will need to take what mother nature hands you and work to capitalize on it.....

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