Mel Krieger Hospitalized...

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Posted by Fanny Krieger on 2008-09-23 15:38:10

Mel Krieger Hospitalized

FYI Mel has been hospitalized for over a month. He seemed OK at first, went home, and then worsened. After ever conceivable test, this is his status as of yesterday from Fanny:

Mel was scheduled for a brain biopsy last Thursday to determine if and what brain tumor he might have that has made him so sick for the past 2 months. The biopsy was postponed until this coming Thursday, Sept. 25th. Meanwhile, he is getting weaker each day.

I would like to propose an experiment, call it crazy if you want, but who knows? If each of us would concentrate for one minute each day for the next few days to send Mel some “Energy” via what feels best: a prayer, a wish, a thought, an image of health, a poem, anything that might give him the strength to pull through these very difficult days. You might even think of others who might have been touched by Mel and would like to participate in sending him back to good health.

Miracles do happen, I hear and I am hoping that together we can work one for Mel.
My most sincere thanks for doing what you can for a man who has connected with so many of us.

Fanny Krieger

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