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Posted by Marcus S on 2008-07-15 21:30:30 in reply to Re: UPS virus scam spam !! posted by Vince Staley on 2008-07-15 19:08:14

This is a standard "phishing" type scam we've all received in one form or another.... the emails are sent to massive lists of email addresses, a percentage of which are actual customers of the entity being targeted, some of which are engaged in a transaction, then a percentage of those are naive enough to fall for it (like GES! haha).

Now, if they did manage to hack a UPS customer database, or any other vendor's database that ships via UPS, then this would be considered "spear phishing" as the email blast is targeting UPS customers as opposed to the more common shotgun approach.

This is a common fraudulent attack that effects nearly all banks, financial institutions, or any company that conducts business online and sends emails to customers, etc... and they originate from all over the world. Thousands of these are initiated daily.

Be wary of ANY email based requests, no matter how legit they look!


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