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Posted by GES on 2008-07-15 17:55:13

I recently ordered tow 100 yd spools of clear Cortland 30# brainded Nylon, for loops, as a result of someone here siccing me on to Feather Craft.
I was wondering when it would show up, when I got an e-mail from UPS saying that the "paket" could not be delivered because it had the wrong address, and I should print out the Invoice which was attached, and take it to the UPS office to get the "Paket".
Well trouble was the company e-mail system said that it had found a virus in the "invoice", so it had deleted the invoice, so now I wondered how to get the damn "Paket".

So I tried to respond to the e-mail to enquirte as to the address of the UPS office which had my "Paket", and it bounced. I noticed it also ended in a .au Which is Australia.

Well only thing I had sent to Australia, was NBill Nash's book which went to andrew over there; but Ray Hutcherson had drop shipped that direct for me; so I hadn't sent it anyway.

finally I got a dupicate of the UPS e-mail; except it was a verbatim German translation of the english message.

So I began to think that there was something wrotten in Denmark; so I e-mailed Feather Craft to ask them where the hell is my cortland Braid; and what's with the UPS problemo.

So that night I discovered that the "paket" had arrived safe and sound courtesy of US mail priority mail.

So today I got an e-mail for Kally at Feather Craft telling me that my damn Cortland braid had been delivered yesterday; and also telling me that they had just hear from UPS warning them about this UPS Invoice virus spam scam.

So Y'alls be careful out there now, and don't go printing out any attahced UPS invoices; they have snapping turtles in there.

And this was my first time ordering from Feather Craft, and it was a good experience; so buy plenty of stuff from them; that's a good outfit.

And you may want to learn German; it might come in handy sometime.


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