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Posted by GES on 2008-03-12 18:02:35 in reply to Re: Delta Aerobatics posted by JerryInLodi on 2008-03-10 16:03:48

He coulda been a real Darwin Award contender, if he had just had his motor tucked in a tad more. Properly done he could have the whole rig do a forward 180 in the air, and come smack down right on top of himself; that would do the extermination, embalming and encasketing and burial all in one shot; very economical, along the lines of the Neptune Society.

You need to put out a bigger wake Jerry, so he does his aerobatics while further back from your transom; so you can be sure that he doesn't come down on top of your rig.

Shame to waste a nice outboard motor, and still not get the job done properly.


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